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Heal your past and step into your best life now.

  • Body, health, energy, wellbeing

  • Life purpose--Soul calling

  • Relationships with men and money

Happiness is now.​

-Certified life coach and energy healer. 

  • Are you struggling with a body issue or feeling down?

  • Are you feeling sad or stressed out?

  • Is more than one aspect of your life just not working  for you?

  • Do you live a routine life, or lack passion and inspiration?

  • Are you feeling a yearning for more love, connection, and purpose in your life?

  • Are you wondering what else is possible? 

Maybe you’re trapped in a job that you aren’t passionate about, or a relationship that doesn’t work, or your health and vitality is at an all time low and you just don’t know what to do anymore… All suffering begins in the mind. Healing is about forging a connection between your body, mind, and soul. It’s about your relationship with yourself and your emotions, your ability to honor your desires, follow your joy, set boundaries, and discover YOUR truth. It’s about healing past traumas and letting go of meeting everyone else’s expectations…so that you can take care of YOU.

Your life is telling you it's now time for you.​

Welcome! I am a kinesiologist and life coach and would love to help you heal and create a life that is in alignment with the dreams of your heart.


Heal your past and regain a connection to higher energy.


In my own experience I realized that the emotional and physical pain I was in was directly related to years of making decisions that weren't really aligned with what I really desired in my heart of hearts. I realized I had been taught how to think from my brain, but never from my heart. After completing my doctoral degree, I got sick and the doctors couldn't heal me. I realized I needed a way to get past my false beliefs, and release the emotional traumas on a cellular level, not just intellectually. I felt like I had done it all and heard it all, and I was tired of hearing feel-good messages that weren't getting me the results I wanted in my romantic relationships, in my health, and with money.

The field of physics has taught us that everything vibrates—people, animals, even thoughts vibrate. Love vibrates at a much different frequency than fear. We can’t see the vibration, but we sure feel it. Every word we speak and every thought we have also has it's own vibration.

Emotions also have their own vibrations.

Our emotions, relationships, and body seem to be "outer" circumstances, but they really are a pictorial representation of where our attention is and what our beliefs are. When we release these emotions and limiting beliefs, miracles are possible. 

I work with energy to help you find and remove the blockages of lower vibrations that have accumulated over the years in your body and mind quickly and with ease. Once these energies have been removed I replace them with positive beliefs and vibrations that work in favor of you creating and attracting the results you desire. This process goes beyond the intellectual left brain and allows you to really make changes on a cellular and subconscious level.


By healing at this level, you will reclaim the full range of your feminine powers and you will finally experience what it is like to create from a place of ease and heart-felt joy. You will gain renewed energy and focus on your life path. This process is powerful and deeply transformational—healing each area of your life on a level you might have never thought possible.


We have been conditioned to believe that the life of our dreams is not attainable or it is in the far future. And that life is just something to endure. Not so!


More love, wealth, and health is for you, and it is for now. 


I’m looking forward to working with you.​

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Your dreams and desires the key to the miracles you are seeking in your life, because they are the ultimate expression of your love. 

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