Emotion Code Stories


The following was taken directly from Dr. Bradley Nelson's EmotionCode book:

Debbie’s Broken Heart


"Debbie had been a patient of mine for a year or so, when one day she came into my office complaining of what she thought might be a heart attack. She had chest pain and difficulty breathing; her left arm was completely numb, as was the left side of her face. She said it had been gradually getting worse for about 24 hours. I immediately had her lie down and put my staff on alert that we may need medical assistance. After checking her vital signs and finding them to be normal, I tested her body to see if these symptoms were being caused by a trapped emotion. The answer her body gave was “Yes.” I continued to test Debbie, and quickly determined that the trapped emotion was heartache. A little more testing revealed that this emotion had become trapped in her body three years earlier. At this point she burst into tears and exclaimed, “I thought I’d dealt with all that in therapy! I can’t believe that is showing up now!” I asked, “Can you share what happened?” She replied that three years before, her husband had an affair. The news was devastating to her. It destroyed her marriage and wrecked her life for a while, but she gradually came to terms with it. She cried a lot of tears, spent a year in therapy, got remarried, and moved on- or so she thought. Debbie expressed surprise that her past heartache was still affecting her, and in such a dramatic way. How could this event be the source of her physical pain when she’d gone to such lengths to deal with it already? She had done all the things we’re told to do. She’d cried and expressed her feelings, sought the comfort of friends and the advice of therapists, opened up a dialogue with her husband and reconciled with her divorce. It had not been easy and she’d made a lot of important progress. In her mind she’d dealt with it and put it behind her. What she didn’t see is what none of us can see. There was a physical effect from her experience that was silent and invisible until she began to manifest symptoms from it. She had dealt with her troubles in every way but this. She was suffering from a trapped emotion.

I released the trapped heartache from her body, and within seconds the feeling came back into her arm and into her face. Suddenly she could breathe freely and the chest pain and heaviness were gone. She left the office shortly after, feeling completely fine. The overwhelming heartache that she had felt during those early days of her breakup had literally become trapped in her physical body. The instantaneous relief of her physical symptoms was astounding to me. I was left to ponder on the mechanism that was at work here. How could a single trapped emotion cause such extreme physical symptoms? Debbie’s experience is a dramatic example of how trapped emotions can affect us physically, and how traditional therapy cannot and does not attempt to remove them, although traditional therapy certainly has its place. Typically trapped emotions will not cause symptoms as intense as the ones that Debbie experienced. Most are more subtle, yet exert an imbalancing influence on both mind and body."

Nelson, Dr. Bradley. The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness (pp. 13-15). Wellness Unmasked Publishing, Mesquite, Nevada. Kindle Edition. 

My Own Story

During a session with an Emotion Code therapist, I learned that I was carrying an inherited emotion of depression from my grandfather. As I thought about this, it made total sense. My grandfather had been an alcoholic and suddenly I realized that much of his addiction had been caused by this emotion of depression. Instead of feeling judgmental of him and his addiction, I instantaneously felt much more compassion for his life and what he went through. I understood him more, and even though he he recently passed away, I could feel close to him in a way I never had before.