Level I- 4 sessions

During these four sessions I will reignite that powerful energy within you that has been suppressed and is ready to SHINE!!!

Humans carry the deep wound that if we just had our biological mother or father's love and acceptance we would be safe, happy and fulfilled. The truth is, a human can never fill our deepest needs- what we truly crave is pure love from source. 

During these four sessions we will do some muscle testing on the issues that are keeping you stuck in the areas of wealth, love, and health.


I will offer coaching as well as the removal of these energy blocks.

These sessions will: 

  1. Magnify the amount of Love and abundance you experience in every area of your life
  2. Raise your vibration
  3. Give you answers using muscle testing
  4. Help you express your Higher Self in all areas of your life

You will feel like you finally have answers to some of the most perplexing problems in your life.

I will give you techniques for continual healing that you can take away with you to use on your own after the sessions end.

These sessions are a place of refuge and empathy where you can feel safe to release all negative energies, thoughts, emotions, and patterns. You will emerge with more positivity, radiance, confidence, and joy for life.


You will feel renewed with the energy of love and with an action plan for success.