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“I have been so fortunate to benefit from Andrea's wonderful skills with energy work. Andrea has great intuition and a way of working with me where she doesn't do all the work for me but even better gives me the tools necessary so I can continue on my journey and learn a better way of being happy.”

Jen Jarrard



I learned all about energy healing when I got sick after finishing my doctoral degree. I learned that even if you are doing the right things in life, it doesn't always mean that you are on your right path. On paper, I had a doctoral degree and a good life, but I wasn't joyful... I was just going through the motions and my body was showing it. I went to many doctors and not one could give me a diagnosis. This is when I started going to a chiropractor who knew all about muscle testing and I learned that our body is always telling us YES or NO, and it is up to us to listen to those messages. When we make too many NO choices in our life, our body begins to show it and we get sick. Energy healing is a way to improve our health in a way that is customized to the person receiveing it, but it also helps put a person on their path of dharma, or True Life Path, which is the path to greater happiness and joy. We were meant to be joyful and it is my mission to help women achieve their greatest joy and happiness. Join me.