Women are meant to be thriving and joyful.

When a woman succeeds, the entire community succeeds and everyone around her is uplifted.


I lived in Mozambique, Africa for a time and worked with women there. I did a study for a non-profit there that really touched my heart. But what really touched my heart was the women of Africa.

















**A portion of the proceeds of this business goes to supporting this non-profit.

I witnessed the global silencing of women’s voices.

And what it means to an entire community when women are educated—how that impacts each home and each child and each husband.

We are way more powerful than we believe.

What I stand for…


I believe that women are natural miracle workers and that it's an inherent part of who we are. The very essence of femininity is healing, nurturing, and love itself.

I believe that any disease that manifests in your body or in your relationships is here as a gift to help you see what needs to be healed in your heart and spirit and life and it is always healable.

I believe that women are in the world to be powerful and that every woman has a Soul Calling.

I believe that nurturing and trusting our feminine qualities positions us to be strong beyond what we think is possible and what we’ve seen others do.

I believe that healing our bodies heals relationships and healing relationships, heals our bodies.

I believe that we can and should be happy every morning and contribute to the world and get paid for doing things we love to do and that we’re good at.


I know that our bodies speak to us and we can ask our body questions and it will always tell us the Truth. Women’s’ bodies are pure wisdom.


I believe that the feminine gifts are valuable and inspiring and unique to each woman and they are worth compensating with money.


I believe that every woman has feminine qualities that give her superpowers, and when we combine that with the masculine energy and structures, we can make things happen and make our ideas and desires a reality.


I believe that miracles are our birthright and an inherent part of being a woman.


I have a dream that more women will wake up to the power that is inherently in each of them as the strong feminine energy they are and to realize that we are living in a day in age when technology and all the masculine tools are available to us to make our dreams and desires possible.


I have a dream that more women will begin to open up and talk about what is not ok in their life and expose the corrupt systems that are plaguing humanity. I have a dream that more women will tap into their heart and have clarity and courage to claim what they really desire, that women will find a safe place to speak about their pain. A place where she can let it all out and still be seen as beautiful, smart, and worthy of her dreams. 


I have a dream that all women will become miracle workers.


I have a dream that all women will live with health and high energy and happiness, with the tools to manage any negative experiences that may come their way, living in true abundance in every way possible. I have a dream that every woman will come to know the truth who she really is and be known and loved for the essence of who she is.


I believe that when woman become a healthy feminine energy, men around her are inspired to grow and heal too. I have a dream that every woman may experience unconditional love with a masculine high value man and be adored for her weaknesses and her gifts. That every woman can experience being partnered by a healthy masculine man who is prosperous, and generous with support and love. That each woman can find a relationship in which she feels adored and supported to let her true radiance and light shine.


I celebrate women. We are magical. We bring life into the world, we bring joy to the world, we stand for everything that is beauty, grace, and love. We are the raison d'etre…the goddess.

My Story


I understand women.

I grew up with a mother who was clinically depressed.

I am the oldest of four girls in my family. I’ve shared my room and bathroom with many women over the years, from my sisters to my college roommates, to my aunt who was dying of cancer and my grandmother.

I get women. We have hopes and dreams.


We are soft, but we are living in a rough world.

We have needs that aren’t always met or understood.

I get it.

In today’s modern world, it seems we have to be tough as nails and

make a living, compete with the best of them, bring home the bacon,

AND raise a family, have kids, make Thanksgiving dinner

AND look like a super model doing it all. It feels impossible.


And it hurts when we see others living the dream when we are not.


I followed the plan for my life to a T---I went to church, I was the nice girl, I graduated valedictorian with a GPA higher than 4.0, I went to college and did a PhD … and ended up in debt and so sick after jumping so many hoops that I barely knew myself anymore.

There was no safe place to express my anger and pain.

I realized I had been playing the man’s game. Competing, running with the bulls so to speak. I had given all my power over to authority and just blindly followed all the rules and done what THEY said to do.

How did I end up here after a PhD?... such a smart girl. Surely, I had missed some piece of wisdom along the way.


Healing is an inside out job. I learned to heal myself by going within, and in the process, I learned to claim my feminine power. I learned how powerful I already was. I had just been giving it away.


Embracing more of my feminine qualities was the healing I really needed. This healing came from inside of me. No longer giving my power to the things outside of me. No longer just doing what everyone else said to do. Getting all the answers inside of me, listening to my body and spirit. Making more loving choices in my life, even if it meant doing something new.


It meant connecting to my heart and releasing the energy of always having to accomplish and compete.  I used muscle testing and energy healing to change my beliefs and release the baggage of emotional energy from my past. That’s when things began to change, and true happiness began to enter my life…


I realized that I had followed a very logical and rigid way of life which is often a masculine approach, but it was making me sick because I wasn’t tapping into my feminine qualities. I didn’t have joy in my life. I needed to balance my masculine and feminine energy.


We all have masculine and feminine energy, and they need to be balanced. The American culture in general tends to lean a little heavier on the masculine energy, especially if you are a working woman, you will be in more masculine environments usually, there’s nothing wrong with the masculine energies. I’m not saying they are bad, in fact, they are very good and provide structure and logic, but as women, we need to balance those energies with our feminine energies and needs, and when this balance is missing, we can often begin to feel like something is missing in our life, or that we’re not being heard, depression may set in or we may start to experience illness in our bodies.


Women in the Third World

My heritage is from Guatemala. It’s a third world country.

Guatemala has a very strong indigenous culture.

I love indigenous cultures for their rawness and their spirituality.

The indigenous ways are full of wisdom.




It is important to keep the indigenous wisdom alive. Sometimes I feel that the primitive indigenous ways were light years more advanced than anything our modern world of tech can offer. Take into consideration the indigenous knowledge, the indigenous wisdom. We can only come home to ourselves when we practice grounding rituals. The rituals that connect us with the earth, with our own spirits, and with God or Lifeforce energy.


Why do your gifts and talents deserve expression?


Because all that can result from you expressing your gifts and talents is a better life for the people of the world, women impact the entire world.


If I can make a difference in one life, that’s worth it for me. I’m happy with each life I touch.