The Energy Meridians

I love talking about the meridians because they are the main reason for why I ended up in energy healing. When I was going through my health challenge, I was feeling pain through the left side of my body. None of the doctors could diagnose me, and I went to the best doctors in my state! One day, I was searching online, (desperately searching), and I came across a picture of the gall bladder meridian. I couldn't believe it, but it mapped out the areas where I was feeling pain. The exact points on the image, where the places where I was feeling pain! I immediately went into learning about the meridians. The rest is history.

There are 14 energy meridians in your body.

Twelve of them run on the sides of your body and two of them run right through the midline of your body. Each meridian has a starting point and an end point. Each meridian also has a specific direction it flows. Energy runs through the meridians in a 24 hour cycle. It passes through one meridian every two hours.

I like to think of the meridians as freeways. These freeways connect our organs to each other. Off of the meridians there are smaller branches of energy called nadis--tiny sensitive energy lines.

The meridians run within your body and affect every organ in your body and every system in your body. Each system is fed energy via the meridians. If there is a problem in the meridians, there will be problems in the organs. Likewise, if there are problems in the organs, there will be a disturbance in the energy of the meridian that corresponds to that organ.

Acupuncture points are tiny reservoirs of energy along the surface of the skin. When we apply pressure to these points, the energy can be released or redistributed.

Here are the 14 meridians:

1. Central Meridian

2. Governing Meridian

3. Liver

4. Lung

5. Large Intestines

6. Stomach

7. Spleen

8. Heart

9. Small Intestine

10. Bladder

11. Kidney

12. Circulation-Sex

13. Triple Warmer

14. Gall Bladder

Image by Wonderlane

Knowing about the meridians is key to creating excellent health.


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