We are like walking magnets

We are the energy we see, perceive and attract! We live in a magnetic universe.

Everything is energy and it all has a vibration. To make things simple, imagine everything is either a high vibration or a low vibration. High vibrating things make us feel good--these are things like roses, nature, gratitude, peace, joy--those are all high vibration. Low vibrations make us feel bad, for example, illness, depression, sadness. When we have negative things stored in our mind, body, and energy field, we are going to attract those same negative vibrations to us. Like attracts like. A negative magnet is going to attract like magnets. So if we have a lot of low magnets in us, we will attract more low magnets to us.

If would could see the vibrations with our natural eyes, we would easily know what to avoid and what we want more of. But when we become aware of the energies, it becomes easier to know which people, jobs, countries, make us feel good and we want to connect with. The problem is that we can’t see these vibrations with our natural eyes even though they are all around us.

Many people watched the secret or they are into visualizing and manifesting through visualization. Visualizing only affects one part of our energy, but there are other parts of our energy that visualizing isn’t addressing, there’s lots of things happening in our other energy systems. There can be other things happening in your subconscious, or you may have energy stored from generations before you, or years of emotional trauma.

We attract into our life the energies that are already most prevalent in our energy field.

So when we start releasing some of the negative magnets we start attracting more of the positive energies in our life.

Everyone is trying to create lots of change, but there’s are many aspects of your energy that you can’t see that is also calling the shots on what is happening in your life.

We are walking magnets in a universe of magnetic energies, and we will magnetize other magnets to us and we don’t really have choice as to what we are attracting, because it’s the most powerful magnets that win.

You can argue and say you don’t have negatives, but what shows up in our lives is just showing us what is stored in our energy field.

If you are manifesting negative experiences in your life over and over again, there is something in your energy field that is attracting those kind of experiences to you.

Think about brushing your teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth your teeth will rot and fall off. Same thing happens with our energy field. We need to cleanse it daily. But because we can’t see it, then the energy fills up with all the bad energy, energy of negative stuff we've watched on TV, and your traumas, and others' beliefs. You begin to build up all this bad energy, and then you experience a physical crash. But when you start releasing all these negatives, you begin to cleanse, and you start to feel more free to start a new life.

If you are not feeling connected to the Divine, it’s because there are negatives around your energy field that need to be released so you can feel connected and get the guidance to live in flow and from the heart and soul.

The more we fill our lives with positives the better. Energy healing can help release many of these repressed traumas and stresses that are wreaking havoc in your life.

So many of the energies are hidden. Until we do the work we can find out which magnets we have. As you release something we fill that space with love, peace, and joy.

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