Breaking Negative Family Karma

Breaking family patters is the most difficult thing you may do in your life.

Sometimes we think that because we have grown up and left our house, we are free of the dynamics we experienced there. We think "out of sight, out of mind", but this isn't always true. The beliefs and programs that we learned in our home go with us everywhere we go, unless we've stopped to heal them, release them, and consciously change them.

Family dynamics get passed down from one generation to the next, but they don't have to.

Some of these patterns include:

  • Mental disorders/issues

  • Ill health

  • Effects of alcoholism

  • Abuse/disrespect

  • Poverty

  • Unhealthy relationships

One of the things I love about energy clearing is that it provides a way to release these patterns, and to integrate positive beliefs and energies that support us in creating big changes in our family line. I personally believe that this is one of the greatest services we can offer our family and the generations that will come after us.

There is a way to liberate yourself from these dark forces. And I say forces because their pull is real. When you grow up in a family where negative dynamics are modeled, it becomes the modus operandi to go about continuing this way of being. In fact, we don't even think twice to speak to our spouse that way, or to spend money in that way, or to treat our body in that way. It's the "normal" thing to do, but it may not be the healthy thing to do. It takes a strong person to "face the music" and take a good look at what no longer is serving that you may have witnessed in your family growing up.

Did your parents fight or disagree or worry about money?

Did your parents model an abusive or unhealthy relationship?

Is there poverty in your family? Abuse? Disrespect?

Did your parents or grandparents drink?

Is there divorce in your family line?

Is there a certain health condition that runs in your family?

Only by looking at these patterns, acknowledging them and making conscious changes and decisions can you be liberated from them.

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